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Inside delivery

Finnmark Designs saunas are shipped via freight with a liftgate. It's considered curbside delivery, although the driver will generally use a pallet jack to bring the sauna into your garage. There could be times the driver would refuse to do this; long driveway, gravel driveway, stairs, steap grade etc.  

For liability reasons, the drivers will not bring the sauna inside your home. Finnmark Designs offers white glove service on a case by case basis. The cost of this service is variable depending on geographic location, it can range from $300 to up to $1,000. We generally recommend hiring a local handyman or asking a neighbor or friend to assist as the cost is signifactly lower.  

TIP: We receommend bringing the sauna into your garage and taking the panels out one by one to the desired location of setup. 

TIP: If you reside in a high rise condo or apartment building you can ask your property manager if you can use the service entrance and elevator if they have one. Delivering to a condo or apartment is curbside only unless you have a service entrance with a dock grade door.