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Sauna delivery

If you ordered your new infrared sauna from an Influence Sauna promotion please click here.

If you ordered your new infrared sauna from Finnmark Designs please call us at: (800) 983-0067 

All Finnmark Design's saunas are shipped via a pallet by our network of LTL carriers. Your sauna will be palletized, wrapped and secured before pickup. Once your new sauna is picked up, a BOL (Bill of lading) will be generated. Shipping a pallet is much different than shipping smaller items by small trucks. A sauna can be traced/tracked but the best indication of it arriving to your home is when the local hub receives your sauna and contacts you. undefined

Once your sauna gets to your local distribution hub a dispacher will contact you at the phone number you provided. The dispacher will not release your sauna unless they speak with you and you have verified an appointment window.  

TIP: When you speak with the dispacher they will give you a fairly large window for delivery. Request that the driver calls you 30 minutes prior to delivery to save yourself sitting around time. This is also the time to give the dispacher any special requirements for delivery like your gate code.  

NOTE: Your sauna will be delivered by a semi-trailer. If your home can not be accessed by a large semi, you will need to let the dispacher know. Commonly, this would be a very narrow drive or high grade entrance. If this is the case, a smaller truck will be dispached and could add 1-2 business days to your delivery.  

When your sauna arrives at your home, the delivery driver will unload your sauna. Finnmark Designs pays for a lift gate (what takes the sauna off the truck). Generally speaking, the driver will use his pallet jack to delivery to your garage if you ask. If you have a long driveway, stairs or any other obstacle, the driver is only paid for curbside delivery.  

You need to inspect your sauna before you sign anything with the driver.