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Carbon Panel EMF Facts!

In collaboration with an award-winning EMF testing facility (NTS), Bill Cadwallader (MBA, EMRS is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist) and Garett Gordon (M. Eng.) we are proud to present you the facts behind EMF and the differences between low EMF and high EMF as it pertains to carbon panel heaters.

We will start by defining what EMF is, the acronym stands for Electronic Magnetic Field. Your home is full of EMF’s, in fact, sitting on your couch watching TV you will experience more EMF’s than you would ever achieve by sitting in a Finnmark Designs sauna. A typical iPhone, when turned off, is emitting between 4mG and 6mG of EMF’s, when on a call or when you receive a text message the EMF’s are over 100mG. A typical microwave emits more EMF than most EMF readers can handle. Over 1,000 mG. The conduit in your home (where wires run through to power your devices) ranges from 3-4mG. Your wireless router and laptop EMF are astronomical. 


The WHO, CDC and IARC (The International Agency for Research on Cancer) have completed many EMF tests in regards devices you would normally have in your home. Based on the data below, if you are within 2" of many items in your home you are experiencing more EMF exposure than a Finnmark Design's carbon panel heater or infared sauna for that matter. If you would like to read the entire pdf please click here


As the narrative of high EMF’s started surfacing in the late 2000’s, sauna manufacturers started looking for ways to lower EMF levels. Back then, a typical carbon panel infrared heater was producing between 50-100mG. This is what we would consider a high EMF carbon panel heater. Below are examples of carbon panel heaters Mr. Gordon has collected over the past 15 years from competitors. 


Is there such a thing as a ZERO EMF carbon heater? The answer is NO. You can twist the cables or even use conduit to cover the cables but you still have to connect them to the power source within the sauna. The connection points will always be higher EMF as you can't protect the conection points without building a faraday cage around the entire heater.  

A typical Low EMF carbon panel heater will range between 0.5mG to 1.5mG in the center of the carbon panel, with the meter touching the panel. Near the connection points you will range between 5-8mG with the meter touching the panel. This is for all saunas we have tested to this point, which includes top brands advertising low EMF. Again, low EMF is subjective as stated above. High EMF would be between 50-90mG.  

Since there is no way to obtain a .5mG to 1.5mG reading at the connection points of carbon panel heaters, Finnmark Designs strategically located the connection points in the top corner and bottom corner of the heaters as these are generally the furthest points from the consumer using the sauna. With that being said, for you to be closer than 1" of the heater while it is on, it will be uncomfortable and almost impossible based on the location of the connection points. At 1" from the connection point the EMF reading of a Finnmark Desgins carbon panel heater is less than 3mG. 

The Finnmark Designs heaters have been professionally tested and certified by NTS, an award winning EMF testing company. To look at these results click here

If a sauna salesperson tells you that they have a low or zero EMF heater, always ask how high the connection points are. Most, if not all, will not have tested it or if they did they will try to avoid the answer. There's even PAID affilate marketers or Youtubers out there that test infared saunas at points within the saunas they know will be low EMF. They don't even know how to properly use an EMF reader, but yet claim they are "experts". Very disingenuous and fraud in our opinion. We have tested every competitor's carbon panel heaters and the Finnmark Desgin's carbon panel is in the top two lowest on the market.  

What is considered low EMF and what does science say? In today's world there is a lot of misinformation or manipulation of information. Both WHO and the CDC have published articles on EMF's and both have been well beyond 100mG exposure for any human risk. In fact, a recent study out of the University of Iowa has shown that levels of electric fields reversed the insulin resistance in mice. Do they have a cure for diabetes? If you would like to read more about this discovery please click here and here.  

Finnmark Designs worked with an award-winning EMF testing facility (NTS), Bill Cadwallader (MBA, EMRS is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist) and Garett Gordon (M. Eng.) to bring an infrared sauna to the market that is well below or matches most competitors as it pertains to EMF levels.